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Spinal Cord Injury: Hope Through Research

Spinal Cord Injury: Hope Through Research

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This publication provides in-depth information about spinal cord injuries, including a description of how the spinal cord works and a summary of what happens when it is injured. Also included are discussions of immediate available treatments, diagnosis, and injury classification. In addition, the publication provides information on how a spinal cord injury affects the rest of the body, as well as types of rehabilitation and how they help people recover.

Also discussed is NINDS-funded research to increase scientific understanding of spinal cord injury. Current research is focused on advancing our understanding of four key principles of spinal cord repair: neuroprotection (protecting surviving nerve cells from further damage), repair and regeneration (stimulating the regrowth of axons and targeting their connections appropriately), cell-based therapies (replacing damaged nerve or glial cells), and retraining central nervous system circuits to restore body functions. A glossary of spinal cord injury terms and a list of sources of additional information are also included.

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Pub ID: 21-NS-160
Publication Date: 6/2021
Format: Pamphlet
Number Of Pages: 19
Audience: General Public
Series: Hope Through Research

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